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The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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How many gallons of water are used doing a large load?

Kenmore 90 Series Model #110.26912691 washing machine with 3.2 cubic ft. capacity bought in 1997 - it still works great.

Any idea approximately of the "water usage" ?

How does it compare to a new machine - current usage of water will help decide whether to buy a new one?

thank you,

David J.

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Do the math. one cubic foot = 7.48052 gallons

3.2 X 7.48052 = 23.937 gallons

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The math? What about the material being washed? Does it not have volume, mass, weight, etc?? Also, there are 2 or 3 cycles (choice between one or two rinses). Thus the manufacturer claims usage "per load" at approximately 35 gallons max (including only one rinse cycle), subtracting for an assumed volume of material being washed.


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