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Boot Loop and won't turn on if battery is plugged

i got an iPhone 4s which stucks on boot loop after software update to 8.3.

I plugged in a new Battery but it will not boot.

But if i unplug the battery and leave the cable plugged in, it boots in bootloop.

Anybody here, who got the same or similiar issue?

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I think you have a corrupted install and you need to repair your firmware.

So if I were you, I'd put the old battery back and restore the phone.

The easy way, try it first:

- Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your laptop (new version just out now);

- Turn off your iPhone;

- Press and hold Home Button;

- While pressing Home Button, connect your iPhone to your computer using a known good sync/charge cable;

- Your phone should turn ON and show you "connect to iTunes," while iTunes will tell you that it "detected an iPhone in restore mode;"

- You will be prompted to download and restore your firmware. Accept and leave your iPhone undisturbed until the process is over and your iPhone starts fresh.


- If you iPhone's Wi-Fi was not working properly before the initial update to 8.3 that caused this issue, then there is a high probability that the new restore will fail as well and your phone will remain stuck on restore. Let us know of that's the case; there could be a remedy;

- All your data will be erased, hope you have a back-up somewhere;

- You'll need your Apple ID and password to unlock your iPhone, if activation lock was ON (Find My iPhone ON) before the restore.

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I have changed the dock connector against a new one.

The phone was complete dead but itunes recognized it in dfu mode.

The software installation process worked fine with itunes but the phone was still dead, black screen.Then i took the new battery of and placed the old one in.The update process finished and the phone starts, but the phone did not recognize my sim card. Also, the phone won'T do an restart. So, i have done an hard reset. Now, the phone vibrates but it does not goes on


It just vibrates again and again, the screen is off


There is no problem with wifi.


I have tried the same thing as i told, the update process on itunes finishs but now, it won't turn on, even with the old battery. But my mac recognizes that the phone is plugged in.


This is very strange. With another display, it works turns on.

But i don not think that the old display is defectiv cause it works an hour ago


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