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Released August 22, 2013. Identified by model number NP940X3G.

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My keys are sticky, how do I fix this?

I spilled red wine all over my laptop keyboard, and my computer survived! But my keys are sticky and slow to respond, and I don't know how to fix this. What should I do?

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If your keys are sticky, try using an alcohol wipe to carefully clean the surface of the keys and then cover the keyboard with a silicon protector to prevent any more damage to the surface. For the slow response, there might be something underneath the keys that may be causing obstruction. To solve this, remove the keys and carefully clean underneath the surface or consider replacing the keys entirely. To do this, visit this troubleshoot page: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Troubleshooting and see their repair guide:Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus Keys Replacement

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Doesn’t show the details under the key and how each component under the key is placed.

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