The Nabi Jr is a 5 inch learning tablet designed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children.

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My Nabi Jr will not turn on.

No matter what I do the device will not turn on. What should I do to fix this?

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We are having the same issue with nabi as well. Fully charged, when I try to turn it on I get the "powered by android " then the screen goes dark. Very disappointed. I had bought 2 nabi's for both of my girls. I saw online lot of other people have the same issue. I think it's just a defect in this product. They keep telling everyone that their is something wrong with the battery. Well in my case I have tried 3 chargers and several different sockets, the light is green and still won't turn on. So it's not the problem with the charger, it's nabi. Going to try and see if their Tech support is any helpfully. Their online answers sucks. Never going to recommend anyone to buy nabi. Regular tablets and Ipads works much better, never had any issues with my iPad or my android tablet. Nabi sucks..... what a waste of money....

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I agree so have bought 3 Nabi the all won't turn on so tried different chargers etc. I spend about $500 on three grand kids were bummed. And so am I.


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If your device will not turn on make sure the battery is fully charged and try to turn on the device again. If this doesn't fix the issue then it is possible that your battery is dead and may need to be replaced. If this is the case please see our battery replacement guide. If the battery isn't the issue then there could be something wrong with your charger or charging port. If it is the charger then you can buy a charger from you preferred provider and if there is an issue with the charging port you can see our replacement guide on how to replace this feature.

For more information on the Nabi Jr. visit our Device page.

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It has a green light showing that it is charged but it will not turn on.

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On the screen is a little green guy with an explanation marks and a little door open

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