Why 820-2330 logic board wont work LCD screen?


I been working on this for a while and can't seem to get anywhere. Maybe you guys can shed some new light on this ancient history of a problem. S

I have a late 2008 MacBook Pro unibody with no backlight.

Things that have been done;

1-I replaced LCD screen with proper new screen

2-I swapped out three used logic boards and all three worked the external monitor but did not work the internal LCD screen.

3-I checked the fuses for the LCD on the logic boards and they all checked ok

4-I also put a new LVDS cable on and connected it to another LCD screen and no backlight, but images are seen with bright light.


1-Can the problem possibly be a bad WLED chip on all the boards?

If there are any hints please advise and I really would be appreciative!

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Well I thought I would let all know that I got the original comp back up and running with backlight. But i have a question someone may be able to answer. I have a fully functional Logic board 820-2330 and i want to swap it out and put it into a Macbook Pro that has a logic board that works but is not completely functional. (The board for some reason has no keyboard light and no isight camera recognized). Anyhow when i put the new board into the machine i can't get it to power on, but when I put the same board in another machine it works fine. Any suggestion?

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