Phone camera got wet and now touch screen not working

I was taking a video with my T2 Xperia near a river, I placed the phone near water to take in the view when the edge with the camera got in the water. I quickly got it out and checked the screen it went all stripy so I turned it off. After that I got it out of the case and wiped it. When I got home I placed it in the sun after which bubbles inside the camera went away. I tried to turn it on but it didn't. I put it on charge and after a while it started to show that it's charging but it was on 1% for a while. Pictures flashed and soon my lock screen appeared but when I tried to press anything it didn't work at all instead it went back to sleep after a while. I tried to dry it with a hairdryer but still nothing. Touchscreen still not working. Please help it's still working it's turned on but the touchscreen wont budge. I think that there could be something wrong with the sensor or something and I really need help please!!!

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