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La Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 se lanzó en marzo de 2008. Es la tercera cámara de la serie TZ, con una pantalla de visualización de 3,0 pulgadas, lente de 28-280 (zoom óptico de 10x) y 9,1 megapíxeles. La TZ5 también tiene grabación de video HD de 720p.

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pc can't detect the camera

just yesterday, it can still see the camera and I can download photo. Today, it does not see the camera. what is broken?

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same happened with DMC FZ1000 after MS Windows 10 upgrade. If I take SD Card out and connect via card reader and usb it is OK to Picasa but from camera they go to Picture file and have to be imorted from there

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Sorry, is there anybody knows, where I can download driver for DMC-G7? Both my desktops can't find it.

Panasonic support answer that driver will be installed automatically, but they mistakes.

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As always Microsoft broke something after update. Panasonic doesn't give a $@$*, because it's old model.

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Hi Julia,

If you are using a windows computer and the PC does not recognize the camera then I would go to the windows control panel and under hardware and sound locate the device manager. Open device manager and see if the device is listed anywhere. If you locate it in device manager then you may want to see what driver it is using and if its functioning properly. You may need to reinstall the correct driver or uninstall the camera in device manager and reboot the PC. Make sure to have the camera connected to the PC when you reboot. Once the PC reboots it should notice that the camera is plugged in, and then windows will install a new driver for the device. Not sure if the camera came with any software and drivers on a disc that you could try and reinstall? I have had this problem with many devices and it usually is a driver issue.

You may also want to check the cable for any damage. Maybe try a different device with the cable just to make sure its not the cable causing problems. Also try different usb ports on the PC to make sure that one has not failed causing the device to not be recognized.

The camera itself may also have issues but is not as likely as a bad cable or incorrect drivers. If the drivers and the cable are all fine then it may be a problem with the connection port on the camera, or some other issue.

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