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Repair information on Windows Mobile tablets manufactured by Dell.

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My venue 8 pro screen won't work

I can power it on, but it goes to a blue screen that says it needs to repair. I can't hit the repair button cause it's like the screen is froze. I know the screen works, cause if I go to the boot menu, I can touch on options. But once I'm out of that, I can't go further. Does that mean I need to connect a mouse to the tablet or a keyboard?

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It sounds like 1 of 2 things. You may need to connect at least a mouse (you should be able to use the on screen keyboard with the mouse once connected)

Or you may need to do a fresh install of windows if it is actually frozen and does not respond even after you have tried with a mouse.

I would recommend the Dell Micro USB Dongle for data and charging. (or another similar accessory that does the same thing)

Block Image

you can find it from Dell HERE

This will allow you to have the device connected to power while you plug in any usb accessories. You can even plug in a USB hub to it. Just make sure you have everything you need plugged in before you turn on the tablet otherwise some accessories may not receive power.

I hope this helps,

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