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A waterproof action camera manufactured by Contour in 2012.

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Why does the video quality from my camera seem worse than normal?

My camera is returning video that is blurred or altered and the quality has been diminished.

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If the video quality your camera is capturing seems to be worse than normal, it could be a number of different problems. One problem could be that the plastic lens over is scratched or damaged. In this case, follow the rotating lens replacement guide located at Contour Roam2 Rotating Lens Replacement.

Another problem could be that the lens unit itself is malfunctioning due to damage. If this is the case, follow the lens unit replacement guide located at Contour Roam2 Lens Unit Replacement.

Imagen Contour Roam2 Rotating Lens


Contour Roam2 Rotating Lens Replacement



5 - 10 minutes

Imagen Contour Roam2 Lens Unit


Contour Roam2 Lens Unit Replacement



30 minutes

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