black, malfunctioning camera with a semi-cracked screen

Ok so there is one long horizontal crack across the bottom of my iPhone screen. It's been on my phone for about 9 months and up until two weeks ago it never caused any serious issues. I am unsure how to diagnose the problem with my iPhone. Either the crack had water seep into it and caused internal damage, or an internal piece broke in my phone after being dropped. About two weeks ago every time I would open my camera app or any app that used the camera (snapchat), my phone display would blur, shake, and distort. I left it alone until it gradually broke down altogether. Now my camera will not even function. When I open any app using it the camera is black and no button will take a picture or record a video (this happens on front-facing and rear-facing). I reset my phone to factory settings thinking it might be a software problem but the issue still occurred. I would like to fix this myself because my phone works fine other than the camera. Is a good place to start repairing the camera cable? The issue is that both front-facing and rear-facing cameras are affected but rear-facing malfunctioned first. Is there something else in the iPhone causing this issue? Please help me diagnose the problem so I can resolve it! Thank you.

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