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Why does my screen not work?

my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T599N screen wont work if you swipe it to unlock.

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Has the phone been dropped or had any other type of issues that may have caused damage lately? If the answer is yes then it is more than likely a damaged digitizer, digitizers flex cable, or the digitizers connection to the logic board.

If there has been no issues to cause any damage to the hardware then it is safe to assume it is software related. Resetting the device will usually fix these types of problems.

To do a soft reset:

Press and hold the Power key on top of the device to turn off the phone.

Tap Power off.

Press and hold the Power key to turn on the phone.

You can also try removing the battery and then putting it back in and power up the phone. If this doesn't help you may want to try the hard reset, but beware the hard reset will erase your saved data and apps and restore the phone to factory settings.

To do a hard reset/factory reset:

Back up all necessary data.

Turn off the device.

Note: If the device is unresponsive and does not turn off, remove the battery and re-insert it.

Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys.

Press and hold the Power key. Continue holding Power and both Volume keys at the same time.

When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the keys.

Note: If you see a Downloading screen with an Android shoveling, it indicates that you pressed the wrong Volume key. Remove and reinsert the battery to try again.

Using the volume keys, scroll to Wipe Data / Factory Reset.

Press the Power key to confirm.

Scroll to Yes -- delete all user data.

Press the Power key to confirm.

Once complete, scroll to Reboot System Now .

Press the Power key to confirm.

The phone will display a confirmation message when the reset is complete.

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Yes I do and I already did wipe data factory reset and rebooted my device

Update (01/07/2018)

That didn't work I need more advice

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