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Why isn't my Belkin Range Extender working?

after long time having issue with connectivity and speed issue i git a new belkin range extender and now it is not working . its just 1 month old help

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not working my belkin range ,what should i do?

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range extender is a plug-and-play device after setup. First connect your computer with range extender with a cable then open the default gateway IP in your browser and now put your router name and password and you will get Belkin range extender extended network as you want for more contact belkin . i hope that works for you thanks

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i think this Can Be a Easy Fix Cause last Night i had the same issue with my belkin extender . Just Reset Your Belkin Range Extender And Setup it Again Like Its a New Device. Since its a Plug and Play Device it Will Work . Follow This Link Belkin.range

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from my understanding this issue could be fixed if One can Do Proper Troubleshooting. Here is How One should fix Belkin range extender-

  1. First Restart the Belkin range extender & check whether your router has an active connection from ISP.
  2. Carefully Reset Belkin range extender using the Reset Key At the back Or if you could log into Belkin extender console
  3. after the Reset Just Follow the standard Guidelines to Setup Belkin range extender as Given Instruction

also i think with increasing Demand for Mesh Routers will Outrun the Traditional Router & extenders in next 5-10 Years.

Happy Ifixing

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Try to reset your belkin extender. Once you successfully reset Try to put one - two drops of salt water on the extender plug. Many people think that this will not work. But I already tried this solution and it worked properly for me. Also check this belkin extender tutorial. If this method also does not work, try to connect your extender with another router, may be there can be some router problem. So use another router. And these are the only two solutions which worked for me. If still extender also does not go to service centre and claim new device.

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