Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, and a better design.

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I dropped my 3ds xl and the 3ds xl isn't working

What happened is that one day, I dropped my 3ds xl. And it hit the floor flat upside down. When I opened it and turned the 3ds xl on. It's not showing anything, no games showing, no sound, nothing. But there's no external damage

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You will either have to tear it down and see if anything is broke or disconnected. Or Take it to a repair shop if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself.

Hope this helps...

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My grandson did same I opened bottom of the case and found fuse1 was blown. I replaced it and its working. Google where are fuses and check with multimeter, if you don't know How send to someone that can do it, its about 30 bucks and you'll have a good unit. Make sure it wasn't something like liquid that made problem.F1 is below power connectir and to the right, there's a screw hole right above it. F2 is behind the SD card socket,with board in handed card socket on left side its at the top right cornor,there's a group of 4 Resistors one of them is the fuse it will have the numbers above them you'll see F2.

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