The Nexus 6 is an Android phone developed by Google and Motorola released in 2014 with a 6-inch display.

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Where can I purchase a Nexus 6 battery?

I tried to find battery on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and other web sites. But I coldn't.

Where can I buy or order battery for Nexus 6?

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i just finish talking with Motorola Support team, they don't sell a Batteries any way

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Most-likely its still under warranty. I would recommend you speak with Motorola here's there support web site: Motorola Support.

The battery is a custom design so you'll need to get the real part if your battery is dead.

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Thank you. My problem is that now I'm in Singapore and Motorola don't have any official repair centre here. But Motorola Support helped me. I sent my phone to UK for repair.


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