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Determination missing capacitor iPhone 6 after waterdamage


Can somebody please tell me if this missing capacitor is a critical one or not.

thank you very much


Block Image

Block Image

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Filip, that is a 10UF 6.3 V 20% Capacitor in a 0402 package. It is part of your WLAN WiFi Bluetooth circuitry. No sure what you mean by critical, but if it is not there or damaged you will have issues since it is a VCC main line. Do not think about bridging it by applying a jumper. It goes to ground and will shortcircuit and cause more damage.

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thank you very much, that was what I was looking for !


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Hey I watch a video because i accidently drop my iphone in water and after that i put inside rice bag and work but after a while again turn off and didn't work anymore so i watch a video in youtube the guy remove the same capacitor i remove the same part you post in picture and i don't have any issue with the phone work perfectly fine

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