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The Visual Land Prestige 7L is an android tablet that can surf the web and run a number of apps on Jelly Bean 4.1. Only the basic iFixit tool kit is required to repair this device.

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Why won't my device turn on?

My device is doing nothing, it just appears as a black screen.

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My device has a black screen and sound like its typing could I get some advice on what I should do

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A few things can be wrong here. Your battery could be dead or your display could be broken. If its neither of these things, you may have to perform a factory reset. Refer to this link for help with any of these issues.

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My prestige droid tablet will start for a few seconds

will display one single page and goes to sleep.

And when it comes on it is frozen on one page, the page of calculator.

I don't know what to do

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My device will not come on I had to charge it overnight and turned it on today and it still not coming on someone please give me a call help me out 513-614-3344

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