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Front camera freeze issue

Hi everybody,

I've recently replaced an LCD on an iPhone 5, it was faulty so my supplier sent me a new one and I fitted it and then began to test it but noticed the front camera did not work, it just freezes (the back camera works fine)

Here's what I've tried:

- Checked connection (looks fine to me)

- Cleaned connection with 99.9% IPA

- Tried new camera flex (doesn't work)

- Tried whole new LCD with flex (just incase the other camera was faulty, also did not work)

- Checked for damage around the connection, as far as I can see under the black cover, it's fine.

It worked before I replaced the faulty LCD.

I've got no idea why it's not working, I've never had this issue.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? I've tried restoring it but lost my o2 nano so I'm getting another sent out


Here's a picture of the connector, do you think the solder could have anything to do with it?

here's the pic

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I might also add that the light sensor, ear piece, microphone all work perfectly


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You probably have a damaged or burnt filter around the connector.

If you don't see anything missing/damaged around the connector, you can try to pull the schematics, find the filters that relate to that function, and test them for continuity.

Further down the line, there are some resistors that could be bad.

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Aww, how could that of happened?


does anybody have any ideas? i have repaired collectively over 100+ iPhone 5 lcd, I pry away from any components on the logic board to avoid damage so I am curious to know how this happened :(


Having tested with a new cable, and since the connector seems untouched, I have to ask: did you test the camera before you replaced the screen and it was working fine?

If yes, you could have shorted something and burnt a filter. Or cracked the solder on one of those filters/resistors near the connector that are related to the front cam. I had a case when one cap looked perfectly OK under the scope, but when I tested for continuity from the top of the solder/cap, it did not beep with the next component it was supposed to be connected with. Meaning the solder has cracked and the cap was hanging from one side and loose from the other. I could not see it, I could only detect it with the multimeter.


It worked fine before, I replaced the rear case and lcd so I test every feature of the phone before it goes up for sale. I noticed a fault with the lcd so I replaced it with another and the front camera hasn't worked since. I'm trying to make out what's what in the ip5 schematic but it's so confusing lol. The only noticeable fault I can see is a weak solder point on the connector. what are my options from here then? i've never had this happen to me before where I've actually damaged the board.


You can try to test the weak prong for continuity. And if you have a micro soldering tip and a good scope, you can apply flux, carefully hold the culprit prong down with a pick, and touch it with the solder tip to reflow/reattach the solder.

As I said before some filters need to show continuity, and some resistors must have the correct value or need replacement. If you don't have the right tools and enough training to wield them, I believe it's better you contract out to an expert micro-soldering tech.


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