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laptop pluged in but no power passed the inlet connector

when i plug in the cable to the laptop the light on the inlet comes on but there is no power running to the machine. i have read about overheating defect but im not shure. how can i diagnose the cause and how to fix it?

HP Pavilion dv6040

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Researched same problem for HP dv9543/9500 9000 series;

Had similarly hoped it was the power jack feet with broken solder...unfortunately not. On dis-assembly I found that the socket is designed to preclude this by having its own mini-board and then a cable goes from there to the motherboard.

It appears to be likely a charging chip or similar.

You likely can run the laptop by charging the battery, which tells you that the laptop is otherwise functioning normally.

As a stop-gap solution you can get an external battery charger that will connect to the battery directly (EBay); two batteries and you can alternate.

And/or the HP-Dock which may power the laptop via the cardbus slot with a cable connecting them (as apposed to the direct docking); and the AC adapter you have, plugs into and powers the HP-Dock.

Also saw on ebay a vendor that would fix the charging circuit section (or other issues) for $75 I believe.

Unfortunately, my laptop was with the offspring overseas in the jungle, and had to send another motherboard to him via a friend.

Further unfortunately, the replacement motherboard had the graphics chip heat problem alluded to by the first answer person; and the graphics chip had to be used from the original motherboard.

The laptop failed within warranty but was of course not here nor was I told of the problem until after expiration; have 3 of the same model laptop--flagships of the time with two hard drives.

another ebay outfit will reinstall the NVidia GSM-8000 or something graphics "board"/chip with a copper pad or something to solve the heat dissipation problem.

(now it is back nearly a year later with the video off, so assume the chip overheating problem--had it working for awhile--now off)

Have to refind the vendor that solves the graphics heat dissapation problem or tear it down again and see if amenable to ArcticIce or similar--though probably doesnt just snap on and off..

HP dis-assembly manual, by the way, does not beyond reaching the MotherBoard...mostly for replacing major modules (screen/HDD/Keyboard/WiFi/speakers/etc), but does give the major Mother Board part numbers (Intel/AMD, w and w/o graphics "cards" and such)

hope the info may help

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Oh, and by the way, forgot an important point...

and to be a little more complete...

Updating is not a problem except for when the BIOS needs to be updated...such as with the Vista Service Pack, which HP includes a BIOS update in the process.

To follow the usual precaution of non-interrupted power, the HP system requires/FORCES connection to AC...but only stops you after the lengthy download and along time into the update process...and will not proceed on battery power alone (stops at the BIOS flashing step); possibly some tech guru can tell you how to bypass this but I did not run across a method..

Hence my research into docking stations and the HP-Dock purchase with the hope that powering through the cardbus slot with the Dock would allow BIOS flashing and sp1 etc...but I never got a chance to try it as I was limited in the hand carry over-seas to a couple items and sent the new motherboard and external charger as more fail-safe...

So, 1) the external battery charger is a cheap interim solution and handy to have anyway with frequent mobile use..

2) the HP-Dock possibly may be along term solution and possibly allow updating that includes BIOS flashing..

3) the charging circuit/chip is repairable according to ebay vendors.

4) the graphics chip/"board" heat dissapation problem is also repairable according to ebay vendors..

..saw vendors that will accept the intact laptop, with HDD/memory/(so your privacy is observed) removed, or as motherboard sent in alone...

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