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How to unlock from a network

How does one actually unlock the phones from thier network provider.

It's on Vodaphone, and still in contact. I've been quoted £55.

I repair the phones and constantly get asked if I can unlock them?

It's something else on my list I would like to do, but can't really find much info on unlocking?

Do I need software, simple phone call?

Many thanks

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I offer this service and do it all the time for wholesale and retail clients.

It is usually web based. You pay for the service, submit the IMEI number, and are notified once the unlock is successful. If not, and it's not your fault, the money is usually refunded.

All you need to do is search for "factory unlock service."

If you wish to compare prices and see if you are getting a good price, go to my profile and E-mail or message me the IMEI number or better yet, the model (iPhone 6?), and the network and country (say Vodafone Ireland for example). If I have the service, I'll quote it for you.

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I've seen some of these sites, and they look really dodgy!

They just look fake.

Do these unlocks stay perminant.

I never expected it to be tricky, as if you seen the quality of workmanship in some of these places down here, it made me wonder if it was as simple as you say, but it is finding a genuine site, where I'm happy to hand over details.

How long does an unlock usually take?


So far all the unlocks I performed have stayed permanent. However, sometimes I come across services offered that say "no refund if re-locked" for very specific/hard-to-unlock carriers such as Sprint if I remember well.

What country are you located in?


There are usually 3 parameters: success rate, time frame, and difficulty of unlock service. The less you pay, the easiest the carrier to unlock, and/or the longer the time, and/or the lower the success rate.


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You can always call your carrier for that, if they provide this service.

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This is the obvious one, but some carriers are more expensive than others.

I'm asking, because I want to add this service as well as repairs. I get alot of people asking me.


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