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Most popular marker made by Smart Parts in March 2005. 18 inches long and shoots up to 17 balls per second.

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Paintballs not coming out of Ion

When I pull the trigger, no paintballs come out. The air tank is attached and the gun is on. The battery is charged and working properly.

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First make sure that your hopper is securely fastened into the Ion's Feed Tube located on the top of the gun. If paintballs are entering the fire chamber and the gun is still not shooting, then the vision eyes are covered with paint. To test this, turn the Ion's vision mode off by pressing the power button. Vision mode is off when the power button flashes in a double blink sequence. If the Ion fires while vision mode is off, then the vision eyes are dirty. To fix this checkout the vision eyes replacement guide. Once the eyes are cleaned, try firing the Ion while in vision mode. The Ion is in vision mode when the Ion's power button flashes in a single blink sequence. If the gun fails to fire again, the eyes may be damaged and need replacement.

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