Released in September 2010, the Roku XD is the first generation of Roku’s video streaming set-top-box. The Roku XD is identified by model number 2050X.

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Why won't my Roku play sound?

The Roku has power and displays video, but there is no audio.

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I had this problem too. Turned out the jack where the head phones go was dirty. Pulled out most the cotton from a q tip, stuck it in the hole, fixed instantly.



I have faced this issue. To resolve that I have followed some steps those are check volume, Cable Connections, Update Software and turn out the head phone. And also referred the website to resolve issues thank you for your sharing.


None of this works


All of the solutions that I've looked at don't work so I think we should all team up and sue Roku manufacturing


It was designed to not be compatible with certain TV's etc


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No sound to your video? We've got you covered. While we aren't trying to insult your intelligence, make sure that the volume isn't turned down too low and that the mute function isn't activated. If this didn't solve the problem, you can consult the Roku XD troubleshooting page for more possible solutions.

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Anybody know where i could repair The hdmi outlet on a roku


If the HDMI port is malfunctioning, you will need to replace it. The instructions for doing so should be similar to other port replacements in this guide.

Try this one:

Roku XD 2050X Ethernet Port Replacement


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