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How to make sure LCD cable doesn't become loose over time?

Hi all,

I have a ASUS ROG G550JK laptop, which has an annoying problem. The screen does flicker randomly from time to time, by I mean randomly, it flickers for a frame only, and then doesn't flicker for 5-10 mins etc. then flickers randomly for one frame again. One thing to note is this doesn't happen on an external screen, only at internal laptop display.

I have opened the laptop and reseated the LCD cable on the motherboard, then for 2-3 days it didn't flicker but then it started again, figured it become loose again, I did the same process again, and it didn't flickered for 2-3 days but now it's flickering again.

What can I do to make sure the cable doesn't become loose in time? I thought I can try to fix it with some electrical band. What are your opinions? Thank you very much for your help.

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My screen is completely black, before it went that way it flickered a couple times. I have reset the connection several times but I still have not had any luck bringing it back to life. Do I have the same problem? I didnt have any of the tools that you suggested on me but I will make sure I get them if needed. Thanks for reading this I hope it can be easily fixed.


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I would recommend cleaning the connections gently with a brush and a little isopropyl alcohol 99% . Making sure the laptop is unplugged with battery removed. Once you have reconnected the lcd to the board i would use kapton tape to keep the connector in place.The connection on the rear of the lcd could also be the culprit .

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