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Lenovo z510 not starting up BIOS Update

Lenovo Z510 starting up problem [ New ]


‎02-27-2015 10:47 PM

I really need help with my laptop "Lenovo Z510" because its not working

in the last week my laptop dose not start up for 3 day in arrow the only thing is happen when I press the power :

1. keyboard light up for 2 second as usual

2. battary light and power light as normal(white /white or white /orange)

3. the screen show nothing not even a black screen

4. after 5 second the fan start for 30 second and then the laptop go shutdown.

Note: --- I have update my laptop BIOS to V40 less than month ago.

if any have a solution please inform me @

thanks in advanced>>

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Try to remove the battery and holding power button for 3*60 seconds

I had a no monitor no power with z510 and this helped me powering it back on.

hope works for you 2

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