iPhone not charging but turns on when I plug in the charger

iphone not charging but it turns on when i plug in the charger. I cleaning dock connector, try new cable, checking battery connector, replace battery, still not charging, please help.

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Ondrej, make sure that the battery connector is properly seated and connected. Of course it is possible that you have a failed charging coil or "USB fuses". You will at least need a multimeter to check those components for continuity.

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thanks! coil and fuses are OK, I dont know how i can test that ic. but i think this isnt that problem. can i somehow test dock connector ? charging is working before, then i opened the phone, repairing something and then, when i connect the charger, is indicating charging, but nothing happend, still the same battery percentage, i find battery connector was desoldered from the board, i solder it back and then not charging... but the phone on the battery working, and when its off and i plug in the charger its powering on, but no charging...


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