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All-purpose camera, with 12 megapixel lens, 4X zoom, and 3" OLED screen, released April 2012.

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Why won't the flash work when I take a picture?

When taking a picture the flash no longer works properly. The camera is set to use the flash, but it won't always work causing the camera to then freeze for a few seconds.

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This could be due to a software issue. Perhaps your software is not properly telling your hardware what to do. Check your system settings within your camera's menus. Also make sure your camera has up-to-date software. Another issue could be internally. Perhaps your camera's flash is not properly connected to the main circuitry, thus not giving it access to power. If this is the case, you will have to disassemble the entire camera frame to get to the flash. Beware that doing this carelessly could result in your camera losing some of its "proofing" capabilities.

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Sounds like the camera is trying to focus before shooting. Make sure you have focus lock by pressing half way down on the shutter release butting before finally taking the picture.

The other problem might be it's auto-redeye reduction. Change to any setting other than "auto" and you should not encounter this problem.

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