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This tablet is 9.09" high, 6.21" wide, 0.34" thin, and was released on October 2nd, 2011. Its Model Number is GT-P7310.

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All my Apps keeps on "force closing"

What should I do if all my Apps keeps on " force closing", when I try to use them? Please help

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i am having the same problem! mine is a 2.0 though. old old! lol but i have factory reset the device and everything!?!? and NO apps are working at all! :( help!!

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You should corrupt your tab,do you still have warranty? If no, go ahead,use Odin, completely wipe and root your device. Chainfire auto roots doesn't work(in my case). Go to Google find your device name and number, download the correct Rom. (Stock Rom is recommend). Tick the correct box and wipe your kernel also.

Now press volume down, home button, power button at the same time. Take a usb cable. Plug it in the pc,start rooting, and you're good to go.

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