Invalid Sim (Sim is from carrier that not supported)

Hi everyone,

I just bought a second hand iphone 4. The previous ownner informed me that he had bought the iphone from an Apple store from UK and for two years he used it in Cyprus with a local network carrier (he told me the iphone isn't locked). After he bought a new phone he shut down the iphone for one and a half year since today that i bought it.

After inserting my sim card I get a message saying " The SIM card is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server" and therfore I cannot activate the phone. The crazy is that I am using the same carrier as the last owner...

Any advise?

I have also try to activate it through itunes (I am getting the same message), I did also a hard reset but nothing.

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This iPhone is not "Factory Unlocked". You need to contact the Original Carrier the iPhone was built for, and have them Unlock it for you. If you want a temporary unlock, Jailbreak and unlock.

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I check the IMEI. Please check out this link :

I am not sure about the reliability of this site but it's sims that the phone is unlocked isn't it?


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u need to change network chip it might help cuz ifixit is not allow to do this kind off unlock cuz is shoping affiars

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yes i need other network use

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