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La PlayStation 3 Slim es la segunda versión de la videoconsola PS3 con el número de modelo original CECH-2000. Producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, solucionó muchos problemas de la Playstation 3 original (gruesa). Salió a la venta el 1 de septiembre de 2009.

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Bought off ebay, no signal, what to do?

I bought an "as is" playstation 3 slim 120gb off of ebay. The console is non funtional but only because there is no signal to the tv. The seller says i should take it in for repairs but i want to save money so before doing that, i was wondering if there was anything else yall got to help me with this problem? Appreciate any advice i get!

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first step is to try both HDMI and component cables. there's a way to reset the video settings on the PS3, for example, if you're using it with HDMI, then hook it up to a TV without HDMI, the settings need to be reset. It should be the same on the slim as it was on the original: turn the PS3 on by pressing the power button on the corner of the machine, but continue to hold it until you hear a second beep.

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Okay, after I would assume you tried all the reset stuff, turn system off. Remove the hard drive and power up once again. Reset again if you want with it out. If the screen shows valid hard drive or such, then it could possibly be a hard drive issue. Take a known good one and install in drive bay, then reset again. If the screen comes up, then swap out the drive back to original and do a usb update. The old one can be formatted or just install update normally. Just ran into this and fluked it, and saved the system. Good luck

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