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Why my screen is flickering and jumping after digitizer replacement?

Hi, I replaced the digitizer of my ipad mini retina, and as soon as I replaced it and set everything back, I turned on and noticed not only I broke the LCD internally but the screen is flickering and the image jumping all around the LCD. I don't know if this is happening because the LCD is broken and as soon as I replace the LCD the problem will stop or because other issues, maybe the connector or the cable of the LCD.

I have read a lot of stuff here regarding the tape on the digitizer contact, I tried it with no success.

I have also available pictures of the digitizer and lcd connectors on the motherboard

Please help, I don't want to pay $400 for a new iPad!

Block Image

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From what I can see on the picture, it seems the issue is only due to the LCD being broken. A new LCD should fix this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: be careful to always disconnect the battery first, before the LCD.

I can also see red numbers on the screen. Those are printed on the protection foil. If they are on the inside, then you forgot to remove the protection foil. Be extra careful and take all the time you need, but remove that foil gently. The new LCD will also have one. Be careful as well!

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When last gluing the glass panel in place, be careful not to pinch the touch screen cable between the glass and the aluminum frame.

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Thanks Rany for your answer and the remainder of disconnecting the LCD first, that's actually what I do.

You are rite, the red printed numbers are the protection foil, the digitizer was not completely installed, I was just testing it, so thanks God I didn't removed it because in order to claim the warranty the foil can not be removed.

I think this happened during the shipping process since the guy just sent the LCD with a thin layer of bubble wrap and the LCD was moving inside the box.

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So if I get it right, you broke your LCD when first changing the digitizer, and now you installed a new LCD which turned out to be broken as well?

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Yes you are rite, Now I am ordering another LCD from iFixit and a new digitizer, let see how it goes now.

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Does exactly the same to me. changed two LCD's from different suppliers. Any luck with your new one?

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Tilt the screen up and see does it still jump about!

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I don't understand what you are trying to mean.

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