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Can I retrieve deleted messages on my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro?

Good day! My Samsung Galaxy Y Pro lagged and it just can't open. I brought it to a phone repair shop and I was told that it should be reprogrammed in order for it to be effective again. My text messages were deleted and it was very important to me. Please help me retrieve the messages.

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Samsung Data Recovery software to recover deleted Text messages on your Samsung. The software can restore the deleted SMS and other data completely.

Recover Lost Data From Samsung after Update


As far as i know, you can still recover deleted messages android before they were overwritten by new data, an android data recovery could recover lost data from your phone without any backup file, there're many this kind of apps,


Hey, I had the same problem with you before. But I found a program called samsung sms recovery. It can scan your phone and sd card deeply to find the deleted messages. It did work for me. I recommend you to learn how to recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy. You can learn all the steps of recovering deleted Samsung messages easily.


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Sadly, text messages are not recoverable once you delete them or system looses them. They are like phone calls point to point (no middle man). In the future you may want to mail your self the dialog string or save the dialog to a text file to save it to your PC or external flash drive.

Email often can be accessed by a second device (PC or smart phone) as they are stored on the mail server of your ISP (or business).

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Hi, Speaking of reliable data recovery softwares, is one of a kind, all in one data recover software that enables user to recover any kind of deleted data almost instantly. It can be used to recover deleted text messages, photos, documents, contacts and much more. It does not require the users to engage in a lot of technicalities or take a lot of time out of their routine. It merely asks for a click and then takes care of all the data recovery process itself. for Android is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, it offers support for over 2000 Android device models.

Step 1.Download and Connect your Android phone

Step 2.Enable USB debugging on Android device

Step 3.Analyze your Android phone

Step 4.Scan and recover deleted SMS on Android

See the complete guide:

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@huangeller just a friendly reminder that your Spam is absolutely not welcomed here. I do not care how great you think your software is, when every single one of your answers refers to it, you are Spamming. Let this be your first and final reminder that spammers will never be part of this community.


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