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MacBook Air 13" mid 2012 will not power up

Hi All

My brother has given me his old MBA as it stopped working (would not power up) and went and bought himself a new one.

At first when I connected the charger the light flashed green constantly.

I opened the laptop to see if there was any immediate damage (water) but could not see anything.

I progressed to move the IO board which was clean and then the logic board.

The logic board had some debris around the Texas Instruments CD3210 area so I cleaned the board and re-assembled the laptop.

On reconnecting the Magsafe the indicator turned orange for a short while then (and ever since) has been a solid green, however the device will still not power up.

I have tried SMC reset. I'm confident that the keyboard etc is working fine and the magsafe light flashes during this process though still no sign of life from the MacBook.

I have also tried to bypass the power button but still nothing.

If I disconnect the battery the magsafe LED turns orange but again still does not power up.

The only possible thing I could think of is that my charger is not an official apple one.

Your help is more than appreciated.



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Unplug the Mag-Safe adapter. Use a sponger or a toothpick and push the pins on the tip of the cord in and out several times to make sure they are completely extending. Check on the computer port to see if it is dirty or has anything in it. Give it another try.

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