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Cuarta generación de iPad, lanzada el 2 de noviembre de 2012, disponible en modelos de 16, 32 o 64 GB. Número de modelo A1458

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Why does Contacts launch automatically?

Having a problem with a customer's iPad that I've never seen before. The customer brought me the iPad looking for a cracked screen repair. He showed me that every time he restarts the iPad and unlocks the screen to go to the home page, the Contacts app launches on its own. Once launched, there is no way out of it (i.e. pressing the home button does nothing). I figured that it was just an issue with the cracked digitizer, however replacing the digitizer has no effect on the issue.

Some other details on the problem...once in the Contacts app, there there is no way to access anything. I can't access Control Center, Notification Center, or multitasking. I can however interact with the Contacts application, so the iPad is not frozen. The lock button does work, but once the iPad is locked, the home button will not wake it up again. The home button is functional though, because I can use the home button to do a hard reset.

Is this sort of behavior anything that anyone has ever seen before? If so, is there a fix or is it a software issue that will require a restore?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Ok, so I finally got the ok from the customer to do a restore. I did the restore, and everything seems to be fine. I can't say with 100% certainty yet because I'm still waiting on Apple ID credentials to get past the iCloud lock. However, I'm reasonably sure that the problem has been solved because at least up until Apple ID credentials are required, the iPad acts completely normal.

It never ceases to amaze me the strange problems that software issues can cause. I'll update again once I'm 100% certain that the problem has been solved. Thanks for all your thoughts folks!

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Hey, any update? Wanna know the end of this for future reference! Thanks..

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Well, the problem SEEMS to have been solved by a restore. I can't confirm that with 100% certainty until the customer finally stops in with their Apple ID and password to get past iCloud lock. But yeah, a DFU mode restore at least has it behaving normally for the amount of time that I can interact with the iPad before the iCloud lock hits.

I'll be sure to update once I have a definitive answer.

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Oh still no show..

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Yeah, this is a strange customer. I have to call them back again soon since it's been over a week since I heard anything from them.

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I'd be tempted to say try a hard reboot, and if no result then enter DFU mode then restore.

But on second thoughts would investigate: did this happen after a software update? After the drop that caused the digitizer to shatter?

Are there signs of liquid damage?

Previous tempering with the iPad?

Does the Lightning connector need cleaning using IPO and does it change anything?

Does power cycling change anything?

If nothing of the above is relevant, I'd restore after telling the client that the iPad may become stuck in DFU mode (in case this is a hardware issue, although I can't see why).

Please keep us posted, I've never encountered such a case and would like to see to end of it.

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Thanks for all your thoughts. A hard reboot gets me back to the home screen, but then 5 or 10 seconds later, the Contacts app launches and I'm stuck again.

It did happen after a drop.

No signs of liquid damage or previous repairs or tampering.

Haven't tried anything with the Lightning port. I'll give that a try.

Power cycling does the same thing as a hard reboot. Works initially but 5 or 10 seconds after getting to the home screen, the Contacts up comes up again.

I'm really thinking that the next step is a restore. I'll be contacting the client today about whether or not he has information on the iPad that is valuable. I'll be happy if a restore solves the problem, but at the same time, I'd love to know exactly what's causing this behavior.

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Just a thought. Do a hard-reboot, and immediately change the location of the Contatcs icon.

If the iPad still takes you back to the Contacts app, my money is on a software restore.

If the iPad now jumps to the new app whose icon has replaced the Contacts, I'd say it could be due to small or big components being damaged by the drop (the solder balls cracking due to shock for example). For that I'd examine the whole board using a good scope, but first and foremost, I'd test the touch screen connectors for continuity, then the touch screen circuit.

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An excellent thought and suggestion. I've tried about 5 times now, but it just won't let me do anything for the few seconds that the home screen shows before the Contacts app launches. I'm still waiting to hear back from the client regarding a software restore.

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Mark the location of the contacts App with a sharpie (non-permanent), reboot in landscape view..

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