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Battery will not charge

I replaced the broken screen/lcd on my wife's phone and it all works fine except the battery will not charge. the charging symbol comes on and the phone beeps when you plug in the charger connector. the battery was perfect prior to the screen repair. I cleaned as i reinstalled with IPA on all the electrical contact points.

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Did you make sure to reconnect the battery connector to the logic board? The phone shows the charging symbol, but doesn't gain percentage? Is that what you mean by not charging?

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Try reseating the battery cable, then cleaning and reseating the charging dock connector and cable as well. If that doesn't help,

Examine the battery connector and around it on the logic board.

Also examine the charging dock connector and around it.

Do you see anything damaged, broken, missing, part removed from the board? How about the battery cable itself, is it torn in any way? Are the battery connector solder points broken?

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You can at first try another battery, if that doesn't work check the battery connector (especially the middle 2 pins).

When it is at the charger, does it drop percentage or does it just not change?

You can also try charging it when powered off for 1 hour and then check again.

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