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Toy quadcopter with camera, controlled over Wifi by smartphone.

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broken cowl frame on main body of parrot (or other drone)

Good Afternoon;

I just received a drone for Christmas and have only gotten to fly it twice. given its size and shape I have not yet been able to find a suitable storage space for it and so to keep it safe I put it in plain sight on a seldom used easy-chair. well as it turned out someone saw fit to stack something there that applied just enough weight and pressure to crack one of the cowls in 2 places about half way through the foam. I was wondering if there is a safe and light adhesive that may be used to secure it without throwing it off balance or if there is some way of procuring a replacement body without having to buy a whole new drone. Thank You in advance for your assistance.


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sidetracked350, I have NOT repaired any of the little drones :-) but here is a great read about the properties and the repair. Now if that is to much ;-) what I have done in the past to repair any polystyrene is to go to a model builder/kit builder store. Those places have the proper adhesive for your situation. Remember whenever you do a repair on it, you are dealing with nothing else but a styrofoam cup material. So if you are not sure about what to use, do not test it on your drone. Test it on a styrofoam cup, its a lot cheaper. For more glue ideas check on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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