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Phone doesnt turn on, need to retrieve photos

Happy New Year to all. I hope that someone can help me on this forum. I am at my last option. I have a Galaxy s5 from t-Mobile that I purchased in August. Last week, it decided to not turn on anymore. It has not had any kind of damage, it simply stopped turning on. I have photos and videos on there I would like to retrieve since I did not back up to Google drive or picasa or drop box. Please tell me there is a solution! Of course I have learned my lesson, have gotten an external hard drive, but there are memories on the phone that I would really love to retrieve... IS THERE A GLIMMER OF HOPE???



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There is hope, don't just give up yet.

First, I'd start with the simple things:

1/ Do you have an SD (memory) card installed in the phone? If yes, may be the pictures are saved on it (depending on the original settings that were made when activating the phone). You'll need an adapter to access it from a laptop.

2/ Look at the battery, is it swollen? You could need a new battery, and step 3 will help confirm:

3/ Plug your phone to a known good cable and a know good (and powerful) wall charger, that you know for sure are working. Once plugged in, try to restart your phone.

4/ Plug your phone to a computer, see if it is detected. May be you have a dead screen, not a dead phone.

If you rule out all the above, come seek further help.

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