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No sound on my Samsung dlp tv?

I have a samsung dlp tv model

HLN5065W. I'm not very smart when it comes to hooking cables up but the tv has no sound. The previous owners said they had no problems but I forgot to ask if they used surround sound. We use roku to stream netflix and Hulu or use DVD player of wii. What cables do I need to hook up to hear sound. Is it a special audio cable?

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Sarah, do you have any sound with all your audio components (i.e Surround sound system etc.) disconnected?


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Sarah, check the attached image. for audio out you would use the video/audio output jacks. Since you did not tell us how you tried to hook up a surround sounds system, or told us what make model the surround sound system is, we can only be generic. You would connect your surround sound to the monitor out jacks, you would need audio cables with RCA jacks. connect that cable to part 4 of the image and then to your surround sound system. Remember that "Monitor Out is available only in RF, Video and S-Video modes" Make sure that you verify your settings.

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Ok so I an still working in this tv I waited for my husband to get home he was gone for 6 months. We are working in it right now. There is still no sound. There is a hissing sound. We don't have a remote to mute it. When we turn it down it still hisses. I read online it could be the audio processor.

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