The Samsung Galaxy Grand looks like a larger S III, or a smaller Note II.

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os crash and not able to install new os

I had charged my battery to full. next morning when i woke up the phone was switched off , i tried to restart it but it stops on the logo and then starts again .same thing happens continuously. it keeps on reaching till the logo point and then restarts. can you please recommend a software which can help me to recover my data from the phone for free?and also please write about installing new os in my phone from my computer.

The computer is not able to detect my phone.

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Same Problem and phone not connected to pc


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  • The condition where your phone stucks on logo is called Bootloop. You might want to learn more about this issue by searching it in Google.
  • I don't know how to recover the data in your phone in that condition.
  • The software you can use for recovering your mobile system is ODIN. The computer may detects your phone if you go into Download Mode (Hold Power button + Home button + Volume Down when device is off)
  • Here's a full instruction to recover your phone system (includes the download link for ODIN) ->

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