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Modelo M2453 o M6411 / 300, procesador 363 o 466 MHz G3

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How to install a backlight

How to install a Backlight

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Is the backlight completely off or is it dim ??

there are a few possible problems with the backlight

1, the ccfl backlight failed - it would be easier to replace the whole lcd

2, the inverter died - replace the inverter (but sometimes a "new" (used) display assembly is cheaper

3, the inverter cable is scuffed - replace the inverter cable (search on ebay)

4, the inverter cable socket is loose - resolder it/find someone who can resolder it for you (in case you are not able to do that)

since the clamshells are sometimes pretty cheap to find on ebay - i would search there (got my blueberry clamshell for ~30$)

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