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A 17.3” gaming laptop by Asus.

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Laptop not charging after falling on the DC power jack side

I have an Asus G75VX laptop and while it was plugged in my dog ran by and grabbed the cord causing the laptop to fall on the power jack side.

The side bezel is kind of pushed in and cracked around where the power adapter plugs into the computer.

When I plug the adapter into the power jack it does not charge.

What options do I have to try and get this fixed?

I don't know if it's the internal DC power jack or if it's because the bezel is broken and the power adapter plug is not reaching in all the way.

I was looking online for a guide to try and take the laptop apart or any suggestions and I couldn't find anything.

Any help on this topic would be much appreciated!!!!

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Hi Daniel

It sounds like a solder joint could have broken loose or something inside the charger itself. This particular laptop looks to have a charge port soldered to the board, so unfortunately you cannot just swap a flex. If you do not have any soldering experience or do not want to attempt the repair yourself, I would consult a local computer repair shop and inquire as to their soldering experience. Good luck!

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Thank you Eric. I will definitely look into that


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