How and where do I fix my generic Windows 8 tablet touchscreen?

I bought a generic Windows Tablet at Best Buy and the touch screen and screen broke. I believe both the screen and the touchscreen are broken because when I use it, the touch doesn't work in the area where the glass is cracked. can send a picture if need be.

This is the website where I bought it:

It is a Best Buy brand windows tablet.

My question is, how and where can I fix my generic Windows 8 tablet's touch screen device repair? What would the ballpark price be??

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I do have same issue.

screen broke I bought one and its a waste, geek squad need more than what i paid for. Please stay away from this product. No more UNBRANDED and BEST BUY.


Ok great, we shouldn't buy unbranded tabs, but in the meantime could someone PLEASE help those of us who have them! PLEASE!!


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This is the problem with buying unbranded/no name tablets. They do not have much support when it comes to manufacturers developing parts for it. Search your model number on Aliexpress, or take it to Best Buy, it should have some sort of warranty

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