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The Nerf Maverick is one of the most popular guns in the company's lineup and is beloved for its simplicity and ease of use.

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Why won't my gun fire?

The gun seems to be cocking correctly, but when I pull the trigger nothing happens.

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Plunger Misalignment

The plunger propels the bullets by air pressure. Often times after disassembly, the plunger can become misaligned with the holes in the barrel. Simply re-positioning the plunger so that its air flows directly into the barrel will solve the problem.

Bad Seal in Plunger

The plunger is made up of two tubes, one inside of the other. The outer tube is pulled back when the gun is cocked and forces air out the inner tube when the trigger is pulled. There is an rubber o-ring seal between the two tubes which forces the air to flow in the correct direction. If this seal fails, the air will not reach the bullet with enough pressure to fire. If this happens, the o-ring must be replaced. Home centers should have the appropriate size in the plumbing section, or a rubber band may be used as a substitute.

See the O-Ring Replacement Guide for more details.

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My nerf Infinus’s trigger is jammed and it won’t shoot how do I fix it

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Nite gun wount fire Joe to fix it

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There could be several reasons why your gun is not firing. Here are some common issues to check:

  1. Jammed or misaligned bullets: If the bullets are not loaded properly or are misaligned in the magazine or chamber, it can cause the gun to jam and not fire. Check to make sure that the bullets are loaded correctly and are in the right position.
  2. Low battery or power source: If your gun is powered by batteries or some other power source, make sure that it is fully charged or has enough power to operate. If the batteries are low or the power source is not working, it can cause the gun to not fire.
  3. Broken parts: Check for any broken or damaged parts in your gun. If a part is broken, it can prevent the gun from firing properly.
  4. Safety lock engaged: Some guns have a safety lock that prevents them from firing when engaged. Check to make sure that the safety lock is disengaged before trying to fire the gun.
  5. Dirty or clogged barrel: A dirty or clogged barrel can prevent the bullet from firing properly. Clean the barrel of your gun with an appropriate cleaning kit.

If you have checked all of these things and your gun still won't fire, it may be time to take it to a professional gunsmith for further inspection and repair.

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