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A highly stylized new generation of Volkswagen Beetle, called the New Beetle, produced from 1997 to 2011.

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How to replace headlight bulb of vw beetle 2010

how to replace headlight bulb of rigjht side of vw beetle 2010 convertible.

my car does not working high and lower beam.

I follow the introduction. First, I try replace high beam easily. But I can not relace lower beam. Beacuse, it is difficult to unmount the old lower bulb. Could you show me the way and do I have to change both bulbs. If not, it does not working? Thanks.

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Other bulbs are held by friction; use pliers to gently pull them out. I cannot understand.

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There are releases in the engine bay you can turn and pull the whole housing out of the car need to be careful not to rip lens off

How To Install Replace Headlight and Bulb Volkswa…:

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Video posted is for the wrong year, they changed how the headlight works after last model refresh.

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You will find a small locking lever under the hood and close to the rear edge of each headlight "frame" slide it to the opposite direction in it's "groove" and the headlight and the whole assemble will be able to slide out to change the bulb. Just reverse the procedure to lock them back in.

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