pioneer vsx 522k has no bass after set up.

I have a pioneer a/v receiver model #VSX- 522- k speakers Dersden v-10 home theater set .After I installed the system and programmed the system. I have 5.1 system with a subwoofer . I have very little if any bass. Either I did something incorrect during install or programming the system. my three ideas were to first check wiring to both av recveier and tv which is a 50inch LG Plasma and is was all correct. second idea was to check programming and its all correct inputs ,outputs setings, decbial levels all was correct. my third idea was to get a different subwoofer and try it which I haven't done yet but subwoofer is working. this system should be house a rattler and isn't even close mid range and high range are great but hardly any bass very little at best. any fixes or suggestions iam open too. Thanks for all your efforts

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How did you hook it up to your TV? What speakers (Dersden v-10?) are you using?

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I hooked up using monster HDMI cables and Digtal optical cable ,and the Dresden speakers are ok at best they are Dresden v-10 series with a 5 into 1 setup its sounds good the highs mid range are great but I can tell theres no low end bass at best , I believe the receiver is helping the subwoofer out to get what little bass it has. when programing the receiver it was super touchy about what u set levels like input ,out put gain and db levels was very touchy and distance for receiver to speaker distancewas extremely touchy. but like I said it has great mids and highs but very little bass kick .. I know that these speakers are not the best I gotta use them for alittle while my son gave them to me as birthday present earlier this month yes iam old man even a grandpa that likes to rock but needs his bass back..... whats a good reasonably priced set cost new been looking at local pawn shops for good set but not sure what kind to use . I will not buy audio equipment at walmart or best buy ,,, or like my son did at local convenience store parking lot while getting some gas had to throw that in ... any suggestions or ideas just holler M.Dyer...........

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5.1 setup with a10inch sub with a square port enclosure one center speaker and 4 small sataelite type . small speakers are 80watts at 8 ohm the woofer is rated at 120watts at 8ohm I believe I even used the small mic sensor for speaker placement and decibal setting in programming the reciveier any ideas or suggestion at all open to ideas thanks M.Dyer

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