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replacing cord in hood

Dear ifixit,

I just bought a brand new Patagonia Northwall jacket in paintbrush red. Unfortunately, I don't like that the draw cords in the hood and waist are the same color as the jacket. It's part of the Touch Point system that has an embedded cord lock sewn into each side of the hood and hem. In order to replace the current draw cords with a black or grey drawcord, is there anyway I can achieve this without having to remove the stitching? I don't think anyone has ever requested something like this before. Thanks.



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Cord locks like this can be removed by squeezing them to the open (adjust) position and pulling the cord through the lock.

After the lock is removed you can thread a new cord through the channel by either securing the new cord to the old with a safety-pin, or a few wraps of scotch tape (don't make the wraps too think) and working it back around to the other side.

Reverse the removal steps to replace the lock.

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Thanks. I hope this works.

- de

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