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Procesador modelo M7572 / 400 o 500 MHz G3

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Motherboard replacement.

Is it possible to get to the motherboard to remove and replace, from the rear of the powerbook? All the instructions I see are ones that you have to Start at the top. That seems like a lot of work just to replace that board.........? Thanks, Bob

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Unfortunately, it's not possible.

Apple goes back and forth with machines on making the upper case or the lower case the "base" of the machine. WIth the Pismo, everything is screwed into the lower case. It is impossible to remove all these connections from the bottom, as all the screws are accessed from the top.


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From the top's the only way to go I'm afraid! It shouldn't be too hard, just follow the guide. (Watch out for step 41!)

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Thanks to all that posted here re: getting to the Logic board from the rear, rather than from the top. I have the take apart manual, but will have a techie do it for me. Thanks again, Bob

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