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Massive oil leak an smoking

I have a Honda HRA214 SX. It has a massive oil leak. I cannot see exactly where but it is below the deck. When it is not running if i tip it backwards it pours out. Any ideas on why/where it is leaking

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Nat, " i tip it backwards it pours out.",sounds more like a broken/missing seal. I would start with checking the oil filler cap, the oil dipstick seal, as well as the extension (if your model has it) for a leaky seal. It is also possible that your oil pan gasket (3) is leaking.Unlikely that it is the main oil seal, but you do want to check that as well. Check part 13, 43,42, 39,12 etc. Worst case would be a crack in the block. Also, make sure that you did not overfill your mower. you only need 0.6 qt of oil.

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