Screen doesn't power on

Samsung LCD 40" (LA40A550) screen will not turn on. The red power light on the front when the power switch on the wall is flicked on will illuminate, and when the power button on the TV is pressed the red light will blink and then disappear (which I think is indicating the the TV is on).

Also, I was using this as my PC monitor and I noticed when I turned the PC on there was a very brief flicker of the boot screen on the TV before disappearing for good.

Any help here?

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Does the LCD blink in any sequence? How many times does it blink before it turns off?

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The light is solid red before turning on with remote, and blinks 6 times before turning off.

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Steve, Samsung used poor quality capacitors on the power board. these could be failing causing all kinds of issues, the main one is poor start up

Changing those capacitors couyld resolve your issues. Have a look at the power board and see if there is any bulging or leaky electrolytic fluids around the caps. Post an image of your power board with your question so we can help you look.

You would need to know how to solder and have the right tools to fix it.

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There are no bulging or leaking capacitors on the board, but it may be a good idea to replace them anyway.

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