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El iMac G5, impulsado por el procesador PowerPC G5, fue lanzado originalmente en el 2004.

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iMac G5 with intermittent power on


I have an iMac that starts up fine most of the time.

It can go for days working just fine.

When it fails, a push to the power button does NOTHING.

Inevitably, if I try enough times it works fine!

Any ideas?

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Probably a failing power supply. To get you to the correct part we would need to know your exact machine. The power supply probably has to cool down before a restart. Open it up and look at where the power leads enter the power supply form the motherboard. If you see a burned area close by, you will know for sure. Opening up this one is usually a matter of three screws on the bottom of the frame. The part looks like this: [producto vinculado inexistente o deshabilitado: IF165-002-1]

Here's how to get to the typical G5 iMac power supply:iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Power Supply Replacement

Again, check your model, it's located on the bottom of the stand.

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The iMac is a first generation 17" iMac and has no burned leads. It has a apple 661-3351 power supply.

You suspect the power supply, but when I run through apple's iMac test procedure,

none of the buttons get the cool iMac to start up - when it's in failure mode (like today).

Do you still think it's the power supply?

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