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My iPhone runs slow.

My iPhone has been used for about 3 years so as to it has a lot of junk files left and always make me feel crazy. Does anybody know some clean software that can help this for


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As I have known, the junk files have been classified into three categories:

1, Browser’s cookies and cache.

2, All kinds of temporary files in the process of games,videos etc.

3, Chat history of image files.

If these kind of junk files is not been removed in time, iPhone’s free space will decrease. Because many of the popular software isn’t set the maximum cache, all will be stored in the phone, cache files take up the space even as high as 200-300Mb.Then it will slow down our iPhone system after a period of time. So we need to clean our device regularly. Now there are many similar clean software in the market, we had better to search. The difference of Macgo iPhone cleaner software with other software is that you can clean app directly or choose which app you don’t want to remove. It deserves a shot, at least.

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Exactly, Macgo iPhone Cleaner is ok. Restarting your iPhone can clear out some of the hidden temporary files and is a quick way to reduce some of clutter you have to remove.

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Hi, Willimy thanks for your advice.

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Update to the latest firmware

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I can understand you. Because this situation drives people insane indeed. My iPhone 4s also has the same problem before. I think it maybe too many junk files in our phones.

1. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History & Clear Cookies & Data. This takes up a surprising amount of space if it isn't cleared on occasion.

2. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Here, you'll see a list of apps that are using your space sorted from the app taking the most space down to the app taking up the least space. Right from here you can remove apps that are killing your storage.

3. I would recommend backing up photos and videos to your computer regularly than deleting them from your phone. Plus you can limit music to what you actually listen to regularly.

4. You can also try some softwares . iMyfone Umate is efficient tool. It can free up space on iPhone and speed up your device by two steps. It’s easy to free up space on iPhone. The software combines more than 25 analyzation techniques and technologies that target and eliminate over 30 kinds of junk files. It also cleans up extraneous photo files used by various apps, and includes a powerful form of lossless compression for photos that can reduce their footprint by as much as 75 percent.

It can deeply scan your iPhone and find the junk files which need to be deleted. Also it make lossless photo compression to save your space. You don’t even have to worry about your photos will be ruined because the compression is lossless and your original photos will be backed up automatically to your computer!

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