Phone dead, not charging after I used a cheap charger

I recently ran out of chargers and bought a cheap one (with build in voltage regulator) to charge my phone. It charged about 16 percent in an hour's time. I took it off the charger within 10-20 minutes the phone went off (battery empty) and never came back on again. I used different chargers (including originals) with no luck. I replaced the battery and it went back on. Was able to charge (much slower). After taking it off the charger it drained the battery completely within 2 hours. Never to charge or come back on again.

I googled (like we all do) and found a video on youtube regarding this issue, but with an iPhone 4. A fuse of some sort went and the guy short circuit the phone while on the charger (connected to the pc to regulate the voltage). It worked for him - warned everyone not to let the battery drain completely.

Has anyone found some sort of solution to this problem? Is it a costly part replacement? And what seems to be the problem or is this guy right on with the fuse issue?


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I'm having the exact same issue with my 4s. I even saw the same video you are talking about. No luck on trying to figure it out so far, but in my case my phone will charge if it's plugged in to a charger while turned off.

I posted my question a few days ago and no responses yet. I'll follow yours and maybe we'll both get a good answer. :)


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On iPhone 5 there is a component that when using cheap chargers with damaged the componant give you bad battery life and charge issues it's called the U2

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